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Are there naturally white hardwood flooring options?

White hardwood flooring is one of the most popular options for creating an open, airy feeling with a calm, uncluttered look. Your choices will be whitewashed wood floors or light woods like white oak, red oak, or hickory.  

There is a naturally white wood called Holly. It's not suitable for floors, however.

What is a whitewashed floor?

A white stain or white tinted sealer is applied to lighten the floor. Unfortunately, this process doesn't cover up the grain; some call them unfinished floors, but that's inaccurate.

Whitewashed wood floors will give your home a modern, contemporary look and can even hide imperfections in some older wood. It's great for rustic looks like a farmhouse and is often used in the California coastal beach-like decor, urban modern, or other decors.

The best woods to whitewash

Lighter woods work best. Dark ones like mahogany or cherry, not so much.

Ask us about stains

The best bet is to talk to us about stains in our hardwood flooring showroom. We can explain their importance, and you will be able to explore the many color options. 

Extremes of both light and dark colors are currently trending. Choose what suits your style.

In short, the purpose of a stain is to enhance the wood grain's natural beauty and protect the wood. As a result, most scratches are in the stain and not in the wood. In some cases, it even makes the floors waterproof. 

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