Hardwood flooring in Woodstock, GA

Hardwood flooring: Are light or dark colors better?

It's a question we hear a lot in our showroom. All hardwood flooring adds elegance and richness to any room and will work well with any style decor in your Georgia home. 

While the issue of dark or light is largely a matter of personal taste, consider the following when deciding on your desired shade of wood flooring.

  • Hardwood is prone to fading, and light more so than dark. The reason for this is that dark flooring, like clothing, absorbs, rather than repels sunlight, so they might be better in a large-windowed, sunny room.

  • While it’s all easy to keep clean, dark may better hide dirt and grime. On the other hand, dust and light-colored pet hair may show more with, as an example, a mahogany floor.

  • If you’re planning to sell, know that potential buyers carefully consider the flooring. Often, they’ll pay more if the floor is hardwoodbut mahogany will fare better than white oak, at least in this instance. For one, something like mahogany is traditional and it evokes an image of the classic, high-end home. For another, probably because it is so classic, it’s easy for the buyer to imagine his or her own belongings in it.

While some colors like the grays and white-washed are popular right now, they won’t appeal to a large percentage of homebuyers, who may find them too “trendy” and too difficult to envision with their own things. As to how dark, it depends on the region so do a little research before making a decision. Just be sure whatever color you choose coordinates with the rest of your furnishings. 

If the new buyers decide that dark isn’t a tone they can live with for any length of time, they can always have the floors sanded and restained.

  • Something like a white oak gives the illusion of more space in an airy atmosphere. This can be especially important in a condo, where space is limited.

  • Light tends to show scratches less than a walnut so if you’re the kind of person who becomes extremely bothered by every little scuff, a lighter hardwood may be better for you.

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