Hardwood flooring in Woodstock, GA from Cherokee Floor Covering

Hardwood flooring FAQs

Hardwood planks replaced earthen floors during the Colonial Era, and polished hardwood added beauty to elegant homes during the nineteenth century. Today, even with an abundance of flooring choices, hardwood floors are most prized by homeowners. Cherokee Floor Covering in Woodstock, Georgia, boasts a hardwood flooring showroom filled with the latest styles.

Best choice

There are desirable alternatives to hardwood, but traditional solid wood floors are still considered the best choice. Along with the sophisticated look they bring to any room decor, wood floors add structural strength to a home's floor system. With proper care, floors have a lifespan of one hundred years or more.

Solid wood

Unfinished boards are sanded, stained, and sealed in the home. Boards are positioned closely together during installation, which means the floor is well-sealed when it is complete. If wood floors are desired in the kitchen, on-site installation is best. The floor has a flush look, while a floor constructed with prefinished boards, which are finished in the factory, has a beveled look.


Both types of solid wood flooring are nailed to a wood subfloor. It takes up to two weeks to install raw wood, including time for the wood to acclimate to the home. Prefinished solid wood boards take one day to install. Other factors, such as a subfloor that needs repair, may lengthen this timeframe. Usually, hardwood is not installed over existing flooring.

Engineered wood

Engineered wood is a viable alternative to solid wood flooring, and it looks the same on the surface. The man-made wood contrasts solid wood in two primary ways. The plywood base tolerates moisture, and planks are designed to connect to construct a floating floor. Therefore, applications are more numerous.

Cherokee Floor Covering installs all types of wood flooring. Our service area includes Woodstock, Marietta, Canton, Acworth, and Kennesaw, Georgia. In addition to installation, we offer design consultation and free in-home measurement. You can contact us via email, phone, or showroom visit to begin your hardwood flooring upgrade.