Hardwood flooring: Should I go with dark or light-colored flooring?

Hardwood flooring: Should I go with dark or light-colored flooring?

Hardwood has been a prized flooring material for many generations. Previously, the majority of homeowners favored flooring shades found in the middle of the color spectrum. But today, the trendiest styles come in the lightest and darkest hues on that spectrum. Cherokee Floor Covering in Woodstock, GA, offers a wide variety of traditional and contemporary wood flooring styles in solid hardwood flooring as well as engineered. In addition, planks and strips are available in wood species like oak and maple.

Dark wood

Black is a fashionable floor color, so you may want to explore color combinations by considering an updated 'take' on traditional black and white room decor. You can use wood floor medallions to add a touch of color to your design plans if desired. Since dark colors absorb light, they make a space appear smaller than its actual size. But light-colored furniture and accessories lessen this effect by bringing balance to the room. Opt for a dark wood like walnut and forgo the stain. Or choose a lighter wood like oak and a darker matte or semi-gloss stain.

Light wood

Dark wood creates a dramatic ambiance in a room, while light wood is more subtle. It's easy to achieve a bright and airy contemporary look when choosing a light-colored wood like maple. This type of floor covering expands the space and easily adapts to most decorating styles. As for practicality, light wood hides scratches and scuffs. In contrast, dark wood hides dirt and grime and resists fading for a long time. Thus, darker colors may be best for floors installed in well-used areas of the home or areas continuously exposed to the sun.

Cherokee Floor Covering has been serving the Woodstock, Georgia, area for over 30 years, where we service Marietta, Canton, Acworth, and Kennesaw. Residential and commercial projects begin with free in-home measurement. Many homeowners favor brands by Mohawk Industries, and you can find many styles by this top hardwood flooring company in our showroom in Woodstock. We also carry styles by Palmetto Road, Quick-Step, and Somerset.