hardwood flooring installation

Hardwood flooring for modern offices

There was a time, decades ago, in fact, when carpeting was simply the norm for office spaces. Whether it was a home office or downtown complex, soft surfacing was thought to be both professional looking and easy to maintain. Maintenance-wise, truthfully, offices relied upon dark colors and frenzied patterns to hide the hustle-bustle of foot traffic. In the end, it wasn’t easier to maintain, it was simply easier to hide dust, dirt, and grease.

Nowadays, that world is gone, thankfully. We’re in an age where the environment in which we live in is of utmost importance. Not only for people, but for the environment itself. As such, recently, companies have resorted to installing sustainable, ever-changeable hardwood flooring. Today, our Cherokee Floor Covering experts in Woodstock, GA, will discuss the modernization of the workplace through the use of wood flooring.

Modernizing through aesthetics
Moving away from gray patterned and dark blue carpeting, offices are opting more and more for hardwood flooring in Georgia. Through modern-day aesthetics, we’ve managed to go beyond the ‘boring brown’ of old-style hardwood flooring. Instead, there’s truly a myriad of color, grain, and appearance options to enliven offices. Not only does it improve the appearance of the work space, but it also improves productivity.

A (more) hygienic solution
How often do office carpets get properly cleaned? Perhaps, we shouldn’t think about it too closely! Rather, let’s consider how much easier it is to keep hard planks clean, keeping floors free of dust and dirt, creating a cleaner, more sanitary workplace.

Years of durability
Want something to stand the test of time, and style? Slats will certainly do that, thanks to their durable material and elegant appearance. Even if your office sees a lot of foot traffic, you won’t have to worry about wear-and-tear on your planks. Spilled coffee? Wine accident from the Christmas party? Toner fiasco? It’s okay. Those slats are easy to clean, and can handle a whole lot of action!

Simple to protect
It’s actually quite simple to add further protection to your planks, if you’re worried about it. Not only will well-placed mats and floor protectors make a smart addition, but you can also request the highest level of surfacing coating for the slats. From rolling office chairs to muddy shoes, you’ll surely fall head-over-heels in love with this phenomenal flooring.