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Hardwood flooring is a decision you won’t regret

Even when you’re not specifically searching for hardwood flooring, there are certain factors you want to be present. A great appearance, functional elements, and affordability are right there at the top of the list. But what if you could get all these from wood floors?

It’s true. While these materials are a bit more expensive initially, over time, they turn out to be very affordable. An average lifespan of 100 years when properly cared for means you'll spend less, as you'll probably never need to replace them!

Let us match you with hardwood flooring that’s perfect for you

Cherokee Floor covering is conveniently located in Woodstock, GA. From there, we strive to provide only the best in materials and services for all our customers. When you visit us there, you’ll find our friendly, knowledgeable associates will walk you through, step by step.

We bring more than 30 years of experience to every flooring project we undertake. That means you’ll rest assured you’re in good hands, knowing that you’ll get only the best in materials, services, and personalized service.

Hardwood flooring facts that will matter most

Your Georgia hardwood flooring never has to feel like it’s just another wood floor. There are many options for personalization that helps make your floors truly your own. Choose from a variety of features that come together to create a final product that's simply amazing.

Wood species is a major choice affecting not only the looks of your flooring but also the durability and functionality as well. Harder woods are better suited for busy households which means they'll be perfect for family rooms, entryways, and hallways. 

Softer woods are perfect for walk-in pantries or closets and should be kept out of areas that get a lot of heavy traffic. Placing them in the wrong space can drastically reduce your floor’s lifespan, even with proper care, maintenance, and protection.

A proper sealant is very important for your wood flooring and can include water or oil-based products, wax, shellac, and aluminum oxide, just to name a few. Your associate will discuss all the options and help you choose the product best suited to your needs.

Be sure to choose a professional installation service instead of trying to install your hardwood flooring. Our professional installers have all the necessary tools and years of experience to assure only the perfect installation, every time.

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