wood flooring installation

Hardwood flooring means different things to different homeowners

When you think about your hardwood flooring choice, what is your driving factor? Do you prefer the most elegant looking flooring you can get? Or perhaps you're looking for something that will allow you to forget floor shopping from this point forward. Whatever your reasons for choosing this material, we're sure you want the best. The good news is, you get a ton of benefits along with it. And we can help determine which ones are most important for your own needs.
At Cherokee Floor Covering, we are proud to offer the best hardwood flooring in Georgia. What's more, we have over 30 years of experience in the flooring industry and we bring that into every flooring project we undertake. Not only do we offer a wide selection of name brand floor coverings, but we even offer free estimates, so you never have to wonder what you're getting into. We invite you to stop by our Woodstock, GA showroom floor, where our associates will be standing by to help you find the perfect floor covering to fit your needs.
Hardwood flooring is worth it
Not only is wood flooring amazing, elegant, timeless, and simply gorgeous, it has a lifespan that outdoes many other floor coverings. With proper care and maintenance, it will easily last an average of 100 years, so replacing it isn't going to be a concern.
There will come a time, however, when wear and tear starts to show up. You can avoid this, in part, by choosing a finish such as wire brushed, hand scraped, or distressed, which hides scratches and scuffs. Even then, you'll eventually see the wear. That's when refinishing can be done.
Refinishing brings your floors back to a brand new look by removing those years of wear, revealing a new layer of hardwood flooring. At this time, you'll be free to change your stain color and finish type if you prefer.
When considering hardwood flooring, you should be aware that it can never be installed below grade and it must be acclimated for 1 to 3 days before installation. Our associates will be able to discuss more details when you visit.