Hardwood flooring texture choices to match your home

Hardwood flooring texture choices to match your home

Every homeowner has a specific style, and wood flooring could be perfect. These classic, elegant looks pair well with many features and choices.

You should know that texture is part of your design, as are color and species. And you'll want to find out more about how it can serve you.

Trendy textures in hardwood flooring

There are many texture options when it comes to hardwood flooring. However, the high-gloss look is a popular choice, depending on your specific needs.

Texture trends could be just what you need to create your desired look. For example, choose solid hardwood flooring with a vintage finish for that beautiful farmhouse look.

Many choices for your textured floor

Another popular decor-matching texture is the weathered or distressed texture look. This is an excellent choice for beachy appearances, especially with summer stylings.

For a rustic appeal, consider distressed wood that enhances your wood grain. This is an excellent choice for a modernized version of an older look.

Don't forget stain color and more

The stain color is an important consideration when choosing the perfect texture. That's because color can enhance this characteristic.

Wood flooring has a great deal of character all by itself. But when paired with all your personalized choices, it breathes in the new life you'll love.

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