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How to choose your hardwood flooring color

When choosing your hardwood color (or any colors or patterns, for that matter), nothing needs to be an exact match, but it needs to harmonize with your home's style instead of scattered hues that only add to the confusion of a jarring design. Here are some tips on selecting colors when shopping for hardwood flooring in Woodstock.

Contrasting yet complementing colors

If you have a room with dark casegoods, such as coffee or side tables, you can choose a lighter floor, as long as the undertones match to add a gorgeous contrast. However, if the other colors in that room are cool, and you don't pay attention and select a wood floor with warm undertones, the result will be an unsuitable design. 

This rule also applies to upholstery, textiles, rugs, countertops, and other furnishings. This is when you might consider investing $20 in a color wheel.

Complement the room

Remember, colors make an impact, and they set the tone of the room, whether you want to convey energy or calm serenity. There's psychology when it comes to color. While it may be hard to find hardwood floors in the desired primary color, they all have undertones (secondary colors), whether red, orange, blue, purple, caramel, or more. For example, a mahogany floor can have a red or orange undertone, or a gray wood floor can have a slate blue shade.

Red, orange, and violet convey energy and are best for home offices, entryways, small sitting rooms, or staircases, but avoid them in bedrooms where you want to relax.  Blue would be a better choice for that room (such as a gray wood floor with a slate blue undertone). Yellow (caramel undertone) is best for playrooms and kids' bedrooms. Green (which can also be an undertone) imparts the feeling of happiness and brighten rooms with primarily neutral tones.

Our design consultants can help you pull it together with hardwood flooring colors and give you a free quote. The Cherokee Floor Covering showroom is in Woodstock, GA. We work with homeowners in and around Woodstock, Marietta, Canton, Acworth, and Kennesaw.