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How to match wood flooring with dark walls

From small spaces like bathrooms to lofty areas like living rooms, and even tight, narrow nooks like the laundry room, you can elevate the look and feel of your home with hardwood flooring. But what happens when your walls are a very dark color? Will you have trouble deciding upon what hardwood flooring in Georgia would work best? At Cherokee Floor Covering, we have the following tips to help you pair the right hardwood flooring to your dark colored walls.
Light planks with jewel tones in your bathroom
Light colored hardwood flooring in crisp, pale tones go really well with deep jewel colored walls. Though it may very well be a small space, you can trick the eye visually by adding depth, created by an accent wall behind the vanity to offset the dark walls. Also, consider adding more white to the room to emphasize brightness, perhaps with drawers, fixtures, and curtains.
Dark sheen slats with deep, rich wall colors
Instead of trying to create more airiness as with a small space, you can choose dark slats with a sheen to pair with deep, rich wall colors, but only if the living area is roomy. This coupling adds a high degree of luxurious, sultry hues, though it does require a small amount of contrast to work well. Try adding accents like lights, tables, pillows, throws, picture frames, and curtains with silver or gold tones for a magical, eye-catching flair that really opens up a room.
Modernize with a trendy approach
Whether it’s installing the hardwood flooring in a chevron pattern, or adorning a room with bright white door and flooring moldings, a trendy, modern approach adds freshness to any space. Basically, what this means is, take the time to see what the current styles are in terms of interior design, and see what can perfectly pair dark walls with hardwood flooring. There are many different approaches to design, and it’s really ever-changing, so take the time to investigate and find out what the latest styles are, you may fall in love with something!