Hardwood flooring in Woodstock, GA from Cherokee Floor Covering

Is solid hardwood flooring for you?

Solid hardwood flooring has a beautiful natural beauty. These floors are durable and come with many benefits.

Here, we're breaking it all down so you can decide if it's right for your home.


Wood floors
are classic, timeless, and versatile enough to work with any decor. They never go out of style and work as well in a traditional atmosphere as coastal or rustic cabin ones.

Hardwood flooring comes in assorted colors, including the trending gray and high variation. An assortment of stains makes them lighter or darker. In addition, you will find patterns, textures, and various plank widths and lengths.

At our showroom in Woodstock, you'll also see many hardwood flooring species, including oak and more.


Wood floors have lasted for decades. There's even been documentation of solid wood lasting 100 years. That means no repair or replacement costs.

Refinishing is usually all it takes when the floors look worn or excessively scratched, so if you change your decor, just sand and re-stain them.

Easy care

Dust mop the floors several times a week. Sand and dirt are sharp and will scratch, so you want to eliminate them.

Vacuum once a week to pick up whatever the dust mop missed; be sure to turn off the beater bars. Clean and polish hardwood floors a few times a year.

These include using furniture pads when moving. Put mats and area rugs strategically at entrances. Avoid wearing stilettos on the floor, and keep pet nails trimmed.

Real estate value adding

Wood floors are known for adding the most value to a home. Potential buyers often pay more for a home with wood flooring if you plan to sell.

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