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Light, medium, and dark hardwood flooring tones

Many say choosing color is one of the most challenging aspects of a flooring remodel. Hardwood flooring is no exception.

There are numerous colors in light, medium, and dark tones. On top of that, you have stains that enable you to make them lighter or darker.

How to decide? It's a matter of personal preference, but here are some facts that may make the process easier.

Advantages of light tones

These include colors like blond, caramel, white, whitewashed, and light gray. They can make a room look bright, airy, and spacious.

Designers love these light shades because they coordinate so easily. With the right furnishings, however, they can also look rustic. So, come into our hardwood flooring showroom, where you'll see colors like Beachwood or Aspen oak.

They're also easy to maintain. Light floors hide dust, light-colored dirt, and scratches well.

Not ready to go all in? Honey/copper is light but with warm tones, making it a good compromise.

About medium and dark tone tones

Medium tones range from light brown to pink or pumpkin shades. Ebony, chocolate brown, and black walnut are considered dark colors.

Medium tones show off features like knots well. Dark colors are dramatic and sophisticated and make a stunning design statement.

Suggestions for choosing hardwood flooring colors

1. Decide on your interior design goals. For example, wood floors set the overall tone of a room.

What feeling do you want to impart–warm and cozy; light and airy; sleek and sophisticated, etc.?

2. Think balance.

3. Pay attention to undertones. The secondary colors give wood floors a cast–pink, red, slate blue, etc.

4. Consider room size and sunlight.

Hardwood flooring excellence in Woodstock, GA

Cherokee Floor Covering has served the area for 50 years with an expert staff, most of whom have at least 15 years of flooring experience. We'll help you find the right hardwood flooring for your home.

Our hardwood flooring inventory is extensive, with brands like Mohawk, Somerset, and Palmetto Road. Visit our showroom in Woodstock, GA, too, especially if you live in Woodstock, Marietta, Canton, Acworth, or Kennesaw.