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The top three hardwood flooring styles in Woodstock, GA

Does anyone not love wood floors? They're elegant with natural beauty and many benefits, including versatility, easy-care, and value-adding real estate.

There are many species from which to choose. However, three stand out as the biggest favorites in our area and are available in either the solid or engineered hardwood flooring version.

Oak floors: the most popular

Oak flooring (both white and red) is the number one choice in Georgia and North America. These wood floors are both stylish and affordable. They have a closed, rich grain that can be simple or more dramatic and warm, yellow undertones.

White oak is one of the most durable woods and soaks up stains quickly. Despite the word "white" in its name, it's a brown hardwood.

Red oak is more coarse and has open grains that seem to curl. The color is lighter than white oak with pink or red undertones.

Hickory: the 2nd most popular

Hickory's has a distinct, bold look with prominent knots, grains, and color variations that range from brown to beige to red.

It’s versatile and durable rough for high traffic floors. It's often referred to as "the hardest domestic species."

Hickory and oak always seem to run neck-in-neck for the #1 spot! So, feel free to come into our hardwood flooring showroom to see these two species.

Maple floors: a favorite in contemporary homes

Maple is ultra-hard with a grain that's so fine it can be almost invisible. Maple's light color ranges from cream to darker brown.

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