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What are some of the most popular hardwood flooring species?

Wood floors add warmth and charm to any room. Hands down, oak is the most popular domestic hardwood. However, that doesn't mean you should dismiss the others, such as hickory, maple, and walnut, all of which you'll find right here in our hardwood flooring showroom.

Why oak is king

Oak hardwood flooring is classic, timeless, and versatile enough to work with any decor, from the most modern to traditional. White oak is light brown with distinctive features like knots and swirls. Red oak is more subtle and has a pinkish tone. 

Hardness ratings

White oak is a little harder than red oak, coming in at 1360 on the Janka Hardwood Scale, and red oak’s number is a respectable 1290. Janka measures the wood's hardness and indicates a floor's durability. If you are looking for extra durability, choose one with a hardness above a 1,000 rating.

European white oak: trending hot

European white oak has cooler undertones, like gray. In contrast, traditional white oak has a warmer, yellow tone. With its more modern look, European white oak has a tighter grain and cleaner lines and is expected to trend for over 15 years, while the traditional version will most likely remain popular for many, many years.

Other popular wood floors include:

1. Hickory has a brown or reddish-brown color with pops of yellow and gold, often with streaks or knots. Hickory is also considered the "hardest hardwood," coming in at 1820 on Janka. 

2. Maple can be white or light brown with mineral streaks and a reddish tone. Maple rates about 1450 on Janka.

3. Walnut is dark, tight-grained, and hard, measuring 1010 on Janka. Please note there are different types of walnut, so there can be variations in color and patina.

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