What happens if hardwood flooring gets too dry?

What happens if hardwood flooring gets too dry?

We always hear about hardwood flooring getting too moist, but too dry is also a problem. It becomes brittle, splinters, and cracks when it gets too dry. It might even warp.

If hardwood planks get too dry before installation, the brittleness can make it that much harder with which to work.

Can too-dry wood flooring be restored?

Possibly, but only a flooring expert can assess your floor's damage. The professional might patch and repair holes and cracks, then do a complete refinishing.

Hardwood refinishing will include sanding, applying new finishing, sealing, and buffing. This isn't something you should try yourself. Instead, please seek the advice of the experts in our hardwood flooring showroom.

Sanders are heavy and difficult to navigate. Spending too much time in one place can create more holes and go against the grain.

How can I prevent it?

Use adequate window coverings to keep the Georgia sunshine and heat out of the room. Many now come motorized, so you can control them even when away from home.

Also, check humidity levels. Ideally, it should be between 35% and 55%; anything less warrants a humidifier.

Why wood moves

Hardwood flooring is porous and quickly absorbs moisture or dryness. Solid wood is one thickness throughout, so the wood floors will expand or shrink to adjust to the weather.

What about engineered hardwood floors?

While this is genuine wood–and you'll have the knots, raised grains, and solid undertones– this wood flooring is more stable.

That is because of the construction. Unlike one solid sheet, the engineered floor is layered and placed crosswise.  

There's also a tiny amount of resin. This results in a more stable floor.

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