Hardwood flooring in Woodstock, GA from Cherokee Floor Covering

What hardwood species are native to my area?

Cherokee Floor Covering has a hardwood flooring showroom in Woodstock, Georgia. We carry a wide variety of unfinished and prefinished solid wood flooring and engineered wood planks that have a plywood base and hardwood surface. The flooring is available in many hardwood species, and some of these are native to The Peach State.

White ash

White ash is a light-colored hardwood that almost always has a prominent straight grain. The wood, found in varying shades of beige, tends to darken slightly over time. Quarter sawn ash flooring is popular because of its unique look.


Red oak wood varies in color from cream to amber. The wood has a pinkish tint while darker white oak has a yellowish tint. White oak has a long, straight, and tightly packed grain, while red oak has a shorter and wider grain that can form wavy patterns.

Sugar maple

Sugar maple is the densest of all maple wood. Curly maple and bird's eye maple are prized for their unique grain pattern. Many homeowners forgo stain and cover closed-grain maple wood with a clear sealant, so its light shades are on display.


The color of chestnut wood varies from pale white to medium brown. The darker shades show off a reddish hue as the flooring ages. Most of the wood is straight-grained, but it can also have a spiral or interlocked wood grain.

Cherokee Floor Covering can install all types of wood floors in your home. In addition to Woodstock, our installation team brings their skills to the Marietta, Canton, Acworth, and Kennesaw, Georgia, area. Estimates are free, and appointments can quickly be scheduled online. You can look through our online catalog or use our online chat service to get more information about our products or services. Or stop by our showroom in Woodstock to see all our hardwood flooring options.