Hardwood flooring in Woodstock, GA from Cherokee Floor Covering

Why Woodstock, GA loves hardwood flooring

Why wouldn’t this area love hardwood floors? They’re stylish and have a natural beauty.

Hardwood flooring is also durable, easy to care for, and adds value to a property. You'll see some gorgeous woods from Palmetto, among others.

Did you know there are two kinds of wood floors?

Please make no mistake; it's a benefit to know about this. While solid wood can be damaged by excess water, engineered is more stable and better able to handle it.

On the surface, they both look the same. With engineered hardwood flooring, you still have oak, hickory, maple, or other wood floors. They have the knots, grains, and undertones we've expected.

The difference is construction. While solid is one thickness throughout, engineered is layered and placed in a crosswise position.

Just as solid, it can be refinished and adds real estate value.

Long-lasting beauty

Much of the beauty has to do with durability. We'll tell you more when shopping for hardwood flooring in Woodstock, but they seldom look worn or need repair.

If your floors seem scratched or dull, refinishing is all it takes to bring them back to luster. Both versions last for decades; solid, up to 100 years, and engineered for up to 50.

That translates to few, if any, replacement or repair costs.

Hardwood floors are easy to care for

Your wood floors won’t require much more than a daily dry mopping and a periodic cleaning. The biggest thing to remember about hardwood is that water is the ultimate enemy of solid.

Wipe spills immediately and, even when polishing, wipe dry to be sure liquid doesn’t seep between the boards.

Dry mopping prevents dust and debris from getting between boards. Vacuum once a week to pick up crumbs and other particles that dry mopping may have missed.

One-stop hardwood flooring source in Metro Atlanta

At Cherokee Floor Covering, each staff member has 15 years of experience. That makes us the most knowledgeable company in the area. As a result, you can trust us to provide you with the best hardwood floors.

Visit our showroom in Woodstock, GA. We work with homeowners and businesses in Woodstock, Marietta, Canton, Acworth, and Kennesaw, GA.