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Why You Need Hardwood Flooring in Georgia

It’s really more of a question of “Why not hardwood flooring?”
There’s no doubt that it adds a gorgeous dimension to any house, no matter what the style, decor or location. Wood is a flooring that lasts forever, in fact, it only gets more valuable with age, and is durable and very easy to maintain.
There are always some concerns about excess water and humidity, especially in the South where that kind of weather can be a given.
Here are the two biggest concerns we often hear at Cherokee Floor Covering.
Will Georgia Weather Hurt My Hardwood Flooring?
1. No, and there are two easy answers to address this concern.
First, you can acclimate the flooring easily by leaving it in unopened boxes in the room in which you are to install it for three days prior to the installation. This gives it a chance to adjust.
Second, just buy the engineered version. It is real wood, adds value to your home just like solid, but the construction is different, making it stable and more water-resistant.
Remember two things about engineered, however:
●You get what you pay for, so don’t go with the least expensive product, or it’ll be too thin. That will affect both durability, as well as the number of times it can be refinished.
●Wipe up spills immediately, so it’s not immersed in puddles.
2.“Hardwood flooring is too expensive.” It’s important to look at the big picture. There might be some sticker shock at the initial price, but factor in the fact that there are little or no replacement costs. As long as there’s no structural damage (such as warping caused by excess water), you’ll probably only need a refinishing now and then to restore it to the original luster.
Remember also that refinishing isn’t just for repair; you can always use it to change up the color if you wish.
Another Reason to Love These Floors
All you have to do with hardwood is sweep, vacuum (be sure to turn off beater bars if you have them, as they can be too rough), or damp mop. If you want more thorough cleaning, use a manufacturer-approved soap.
Avoid high heels when walking on those floors, they can create dents, and keep pet nails trimmed.
Feel free to come into the Cherokee Floor Covering showroom in Woodstock, GA, to learn more.
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