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Are hardwood floors hypoallergenic?

Wood floors are among the best choices for allergy and asthma sufferers because they improve indoor air quality and don't harbor mold, dust, animal dander, or any pollutants or anything that can be tracked in from the outdoors.

Why CARB is so important

This is an acronym for The California Air Resources Board, an organization that tracks indoor air quality; the organization has ultra-strict guidelines regarding the emission of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), harmful substances that make people ill and exacerbate respiratory problems. Anyone not in compliance can be heavily fined.

Most products will indicate if they are CARB compliant, and CARB serves as a model for other similar organizations throughout the country.

In addition, the wood flooring industry has established improvements with low or non-existent VOC emitting stains and adhesives, and you should avoid using finishes and solvents that contain harmful VOCs. Polyurethane-based products are best, something you may want to know if you're going to enhance indoor air quality even more.

The carbon-hardwood connection

is a carbon-neutral product, resulting in a balance between carbon dioxide absorption and emission. Trees are well known for converting carbon dioxide to oxygen through photosynthesis and releasing oxygen into the environment. It's been found that even when cut, such as to make hardwood, they continue the process of storing carbon dioxide, translating to more oxygen for your home environment.

Our hardwood flooring showroom in the Metro Atlanta area

We are the place to come when you want to learn more about the benefits of hardwood flooring. We all know about the beautiful style with gorgeous undertones, knots, swirls, and a large assortment of species from which to choose. These floors also work with any environment, last for decades, and, whether you choose the solid or engineered version, they will add value to your property. So come into our showroom for hardwood flooring in Woodstock, GA. You can explore our extensive inventory, learn about our quality residential and commercial installations and get a free quote. We service homeowners and businesses in and near Woodstock, Marietta, Canton, Acworth, and Kennesaw.