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Are natural knots and grains possible with hardwood flooring?

Hardwood flooring adds distinction and a touch of elegance to a space. When it comes to knots and grains, some species are naturally more abundant. Others are more subtle.

Adding character

Sometimes knots, which occur naturally, are called "visible imperfections," but they aren't caused by damage; knots, swirls, and grains appeal and add a rustic atmosphere to your hardwood floors.

Medium tones tend to show them off more. Wider planks have more room to display because of their size. If you want an abundance of these characteristics, talk to our experts when shopping for hardwood flooring in Woodstock, GA.

Species with a lot of knots and grains include:

These two species are available in our inventory.

1. Oak. This is known as the "King of Hardwood" because it's so popular. White oak is durable and has a rich grain pattern with closed pores, an uneven texture– and lots of knots. It can also look a little distressed. Red oak has open pores and a light pink tint.
Both white and red oak have knots that mix well and blend well with wood grains.

2. Hickory. This hardwood flooring has a swirling grain and is often used with wider planks. Hickory knots are oval and range in color from beige and light brown to reddish brown.

Ask about character grade

Ask about character grade if you want a lot of knots and swirls. These natural floors display anything in the forest, such as knots, raised grains, cracks, wormholes, and mineral streaks.

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