Can hardwood flooring be too dry?

Can hardwood flooring be too dry?

Yes. Although many talk about hardwood flooring and excess moisture, wood can be just as negatively affected when it gets too dry. 

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is a significant investment in the home. But, with a few simple tips, you'll enjoy the natural beauty–and many benefits–of wood floors for years to come.

Not just shrinkage and gapping

A dry floor also causes expansion and cupping. That's because it tries to adjust by absorbing moisture from higher humidity areas. So, it still expands and cups. 

There can also be a rebound effect, which is why we say there should be no excess air conditioning or heat when you acclimate.

If the hardwood floors sit in a dry area that later becomes moister, it'll absorb the humidity like a sponge. Then it will expand and be otherwise distorted. 

How to acclimate

Acclimation is a pre-installation process that allows the wood floors to adjust to their new environment. 

The planks should sit on the floor or in opened boxes in the room in which they are installed. It's typically done for 48-72 hours.

The room must be at average temperature; it should be 65 to 75 degrees F with moisture levels between 35-55%.

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Benefits of wood floors

Aside from their warmth and charm, hardwood floors can work with any decor. They look as good in rustic environments as in modern urban ones.

They also last for decades, sometimes up to 100 years. That translates to few, if any, repair and replacement costs. It also makes them cost-effective.

Finally–but maybe most importantly–they add value to a property. You'll see 70% to 80% of the cost reflected in your property values.

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