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Can I install hardwood flooring in the bathroom?

While hardwood flooring would work better in a bathroom than carpeting, the truth is, it’s certainly not the best pick for a room that experiences a lot of water. The fact is, too much moisture wreaks havoc on wood, sometimes damaging the slats beyond repair. From bathtub sloshing and splashing when the kids need to wash up, or high humidity coming from hot showers, it’s simply not the best place for hardwood flooring in Georgia.

Really want the wood look? Here are three ideas for wood flooring.
If you’re really in love with the idea of wood flooring in your bathroom, then you want to consider the following alternatives:

1 – Engineered hardwood flooring
In the bathroom, you’re better off with engineered hardwood, as it is more capable of withstanding moisture, but only if your bathroom is well-ventilated. Having said that, it is certainly not a waterproof option, so this won’t work if you live in a very busy household with several children who may not be able to clean up after themselves properly, thus resulting in more accidental water spills.

2 – Faux-look vinyl
It’s amazing how far vinyl has come over the years, with many options now capable of recreating the wood look nearly to perfection. With high-quality materials being nearly indistinguishable from what they wish to imitate, vinyl makes for an affordable, easy-to-install choice that is quite water-resistant.

3 – Lookalike ceramic tile
Lookalike ceramic tiles are also an excellent alternative, able to mimic grains, stains, and detailing in a vast assortment of selections. With this kind of tile, you can also purchase them in long plank-like sections, a near-clone of wood slats. Aside from the uncanny appearance, you’ll also have something that’s pretty hard to find in surfacing materials: 100% waterproof abilities.

If you’re still not sure what your best option would be for your renovation, drop by our Cherokee Floor Covering showroom in Woodstock, GA, and talk to our friendly, knowledgeable professionals. They’re here to help you make those tough flooring choices!