Can I wet mop my hardwood flooring?

Can I wet mop my hardwood flooring?

Define wet mopping! If it means dripping, the answer is an emphatic no.

If it means damp, the answer is yes. But test it first by wringing the mop–if water comes out, it's too wet.

As you know, hardwood flooring can be damaged by excess water. Too much moisture creates cupping, crowning, and warping.

The best way to clean wood flooring

Always start by removing dust or debris. Dirt is sharp and can scratch the hardwood floors.

It also helps to establish a routine so that nothing is ever overlooked.

Dry or dust mop several times a week and vacuum at least once a week to pick up what dust mopping missed.

Remember to turn the setting to “hard floors” and to remove beater bars (those agitating roller brushes) as they can scratch the floor.

Damp mopping the hardwood

Generally, high-traffic areas are damp-mopped every couple of weeks. That schedule may differ for you, however, depending on your lifestyle.

Here are some best cleaning tips:

1.First, be sure the mop is damp, not soaking wet.

1.Avoid standing water as it can damage the wood.

2.If you polish, blot any excess liquid so it doesn't seep between planks.

3.Don't use the vinegar/water solution, which is a popular cleaner for many floors. On hardwood flooring, it's just too acidic and will damage the finish.

4.Use a manufacturer-approved cleaner specially formulated for hardwood floors.

5.Refinish every five or six years.

Routine care

Always wipe spills immediately and put mats at entrances and high-traffic areas.

Keep pet nails trimmed, and avoid wearing stilettos. Use protective furniture pads to prevent scratching when moving.

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