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Can you get hardwood with natural knots and grain?

In many situations, knots are considered a sign of lower grades of material. But the truth is, knots are common factors in natural wood, created when small circular areas in the wood are outlined with resin. It creates the very look that many homeowners, like you, search for on purpose.

Natural knots and grain patterns are something your wood flooring retailer can make sure you find. Use them to create a specific ambiance, match your décor, and get the best possible lifespan from these particular materials.

So, let’s find out more about these character traits as you read along with us.

Finding the best hardwood for excellent natural knots and grain

Nothing adds a natural, rustic character quite the way knots and natural graining can. It leans more to the most natural appearances for an almost outdoor-type quality of living.

These characteristics do not necessarily mean that your flooring has weak spots or is of a lower quality than flooring that doesn’t have them. And the knots themselves can be treated so that sealants and staining will never cause them to bleed or change colors in any way.

You may have heard the term “knotty pine” before. That’s because it’s a very common choice for those looking for this specific visual. Hickory, White Oak, Red Oak, Cherry, and Alder also offer woods with excellent grain and natural knots.

There are plenty of color variations available in the woods with a more natural appearance. Remember, too, that you can also stain many of these woods to achieve the precise appearance you want and need for your home.

At the same time, woods like Oak and Cherry have gorgeous colors of their own. This can be an excellent way to match décor and create a specific “feel” where you want something a little different.

Choosing a wood flooring retailer you can trust

When you choose your hardwood at Cherokee Floor Covering, you can trust that you’ll receive the best choice of materials, service that is friendly and knowledgeable, and complete satisfaction with your flooring experience.

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