Cheap Floor Covering Doesn’t Have to Mean “No Style”

Those who are sad at the thought of summer ending, will be happy to hear that the Fall forecast for all of Georgia calls for warmer Fall temperatures.

Yes, this means summer can be extended a little!

Now those temperatures won’t be exceedingly hot, but they will be warmer than usual, so you can still plan for picnics, hikes and a lot of the things you’d do in summer.

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Now, speaking of warmth and possible humidity, you know what stands up well?  Vinyl, and at Cherokee Floor Covering in Woodstock, GA, you can get luxury vinyl for the right price.  That’s right; luxury for cheap floor covering.

Cheap floor covering doesn’t mean unfashionable floor covering.  In fact, thanks to high resolution photography and other technological marvels, you can get the look of hardwood, stone or tile, at a fraction of the cost.  It’s durable and easy to maintain, which makes it an important component of any interior design plan.

That’s right; cheap floor covering without the cheap look.

One of the most commonly asked questions is if luxury vinyl needs wax.  No! In fact, it has a polyurethane coating (to make it look shiny) and wax won’t adhere to it. That means you’ll just get a mess, that often takes on a yellowish tinge, that eventually you’ll have to scrape off.  If your luxury vinyl loses shine, just use something, like a polish, that’s made especially for “no-wax” floors.

No heavy duty cleaners, either. Just sweep frequently (use a soft broom), clean up spills instantly, and mop with a damp cloth (excess water can seep into the seams and if you must use a soap, select the mildest one possible.) Be proactive: Use doormats to keep away dirt and sand; use protective “feet” on furniture to resist scratching and forget about those rolling casters.

For over 30 years, Cherokee Floor Covering has been servicing the Woodstock, GA area, and its surrounding communities, with a large inventory of hardwood, carpet, laminate, and luxury vinyl.