Cheap Floor Covering for Your Next Kitchen Redo

For homeowners on a tight budget that wish to redo their kitchens, there's lots of outstanding cheap floor covering ideas. The truth is, you can still have gorgeous, long-lasting kitchen floors and keep the extra money for decor. Let Cherokee Floor Covering show you how you can cover your floors with hardwood, parquet, laminate, and luxury vinyl, all while saving your hard-earned cash.

How Can Pricy Hardwood Be a Cheap Floor Covering?
Homeowners will be pleasantly surprised, and a little bit shocked, that both solid and engineered hardwoods are highly affordable kitchen flooring alternatives. Undoubtedly, there are exotic hardwood imports that can be incredibly expensive. However, you can still have that dream kitchen with equally-durable, low-cost domestic wood variants. Hickory wood, a dense, hard species that is available in a lovely range of colors, makes for one beautiful kitchen floor that is budget-friendly. From deep red to light tan to dark brown, richly-engrained Hickory will wow any visitor with its beauty.   
​Is Parquet Cheap? Floor Covering That's Thrifty and Cute!
Do you want to make your kitchen floors look like a piece of artwork? With parquet, you can lay out any pattern your heart desires with its tiny wood pieces. Whether it's a geometric pattern, checkerboard layout, or an eye-catching personal design, you can lay this super-affordable flooring as you wish! 

Is Laminate Really a Cheap Floor Covering?
Do you love the look of hardwood, but cringe at the thought of all that upkeep? Then, inexpensive laminate will make you smile, because it comes in look-alike wood! Imagine selecting the hardwood type that you prefer, only to purchase it in a laminate. Now, that's low-cost! For a warm, inviting kitchen with a modern twist, you may want to opt for darker brown colors with a hand-hewn appearance. 

Can Luxury Vinyl Be My Next Cheap Floor Covering?
When it comes to versatility, it doesn't get better than luxury vinyl. Available in a tile or plank, premium-grade luxury vinyl comes in a huge selection of styles and can resemble any flooring material. Homeowners can choose amid appearances like slate, stone, exotic hardwood, and even marble. For a one-of-a-kind kitchen style, why not go for the reclaimed wood look? Not that's being both economical and unique!

Stop by our Cherokee Floor Covering showroom in Woodstock, GA to look through our vast array of high-quality cheap floor covering options that are perfect for your next kitchen renovation.