Comparing cherry and maple hardwood flooring

Comparing cherry and maple hardwood flooring

Maple and cherry run neck-and-neck in popularity. They're elegant, have a high-end look, and make a stunning design statement. Both are used frequently for both flooring and cabinetry.

So which one is for you? Here's a comparison that may help you decide on the hardwood flooring right for your style and needs.

Look at the grain pattern

Both options are unique in different ways. Maple has a subtle, fine closed grain. The pattern is primarily straight, although it does have some waves (called cathedrals). Color ranges from white to reddish brown.

Cherry is bolder, and it, too, is a closed grain. The color undergoes an exciting transformation as the wood ages. 

The cherry starts as light pink, then gradually darkens to a deep reddish-brown with a lustrous patina. That patina gives a distinctive, almost antique-like look to the floors.

Wood floors and closed or open grains

This refers to pore size. When hardwood has an open grain, it means there are large, visible pores. It sometimes makes it easier for wood to accept stains.

Closed grains are so small they're invisible to the eye. They allow for a smooth surface, which is also a great option if you plan to stain or paint.

Understanding hardness level

All hardwood flooring isn't the same. The Janka Scale is a rating system determining a wood's ability to withstand impact.

As numbers increase, so does hardness. Most professionals in a hardwood flooring showroom consider anything over 1290 to be tough wood.

Let our wood flooring professionals know if you need extra durability. Maple comes in at 1450, while cherry is 950. 

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