Decrease humidity to increase hardwood flooring performance

Decrease humidity to increase hardwood flooring performance

Hardwood floors have a natural, long-lasting beauty that no one can doubt. Not only do they level up your home's appearance, but they also add value to the property.

Hardwood flooring
is also durable and lasts for decades. One challenge, however, is the wood/water issue. Here's how to combat it.

Why is hardwood flooring so affected by humidity?

Wood is porous. When there's a lot of moisture in the air, it will absorb it. Then you'll have cupping, crowning, and warping.

Get the wood ready for installation

Acclimation is a simple but necessary pre-installation process. It helps the hardwood floors adjust by aligning their moisture levels with the rooms.

Chances are, the wood was harvested from trees grown in another location–with a different climate.

The planks lie on the floor in the room where it's to be installed; if that's not possible, you can keep them in open boxes.  

Avoid excessive air conditioning or heat. Acclimation usually takes three days, but always check with your flooring expert. Some manufacturers have different timetables.

Monitor the room’s temperature and humidity levels

The room temperature should range between 60-80 degrees F, with humidity levels between 35-55%. This idea is ideal for your hardwood flooring in Woodstock, GA.

You can measure humidity with a hygrometer. They cost between $10-15 at hardware and home improvement stores.

Should I acclimate engineered hardwood?

Yes. Engineered is more stable and better able to handle water, but there's still a slight chance of movement.   

Also, be aware that engineered wood floors are usually installed to float. Therefore, even the slightest movement can throw them off balance.

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