Hardwood flooring in Woodstock, GA from Cherokee Floor Covering

Do hardwood floors add value to a home?

Hardwood flooring is one of the most recommended changes to make to a home when you want to increase value. We're told by real estate sales associates worldwide that potential buyers will often pay 2.5% over asking for a home with wood floors.  There's also the visual appeal; hardwood floors are beautiful, that homes sell faster and easier.

How you get back your investment

When you buy a wood floor, you'll see at least 70-80 % of your investment back into your home value.  That means a home initially worth $200K could rise in value to $216K or more. There's one more way to look at your investment ROI:  These floors last for decades, sometimes up to 100 years, and often look even better with age.

They also never go out of style; if you want to change colors, have them sanded and stained a different color.  Most importantly, unless there is structural damage, there's no need to replace them.  Just call us for a hardwood refinishing, one of our services in which we specialize.

Other benefits

Wood flooring
is relatively easy to take care of. Dry mop or vacuum regularly; be sure to remove beater bars, those rotating brushes on a vacuum.  Wipe spills immediately; for extra protection, you might want to strategically place some mats at entrances and in front of sinks to catch splashes.  Use protective furniture pads to avoid scratching, as well as stilettos and long pet nails. If they start to look worn or excessively scratched to you, call for a refinishing to bring them back to glory.

Wood is also earth-friendly and sustainable. The floors use few raw materials, are recyclable, and require less energy to produce, resulting in smaller carbon footprints and fewer emissions. Deforestation is a common environmental concern, and we use only manufacturers who practice responsible forestry, according to the U.S. Forest Management & Protection Programs.

Cherokee Floor Covering has been in operation for 30 years., with a complete flooring inventory, quality installations, design consultations, hardwood refinishing, area rug binding, and more. We're the area's trusted provider.  To learn more about hardwood, visit our hardwood flooring showroom in Woodstock, GA.  We work with homeowners and businesses in Woodstock, Marietta, Canton, Acworth, and Kennesaw.