Hardwood floors from Cherokee Floor Covering in Woodstock, GA

Do hardwood floors need to match the room’s wooden casegoods?

No.  As long as the primary colors coordinate, they can become accents to highlight each other. For example, imagine your dining room with a light-colored buffet/hutch with espresso hardwood floors, or a mahogany table with light wood floors.

The wood undertones in the room do need to match; they’re either warm and cool shades and once you start mixing those tones up, you’ll just have a chaotic blend.

Autumn’s around the corner, so it’s time for a remodeling

It doesn’t need to be a full top-to-bottom. Sometimes a color change will do. First, select one or two complementary colors to use for walls or accessories. Then choose the floor color and keep in mind that they, as well, can be changed with just sanding and restaining.

Refinish or replace floors? 

One of the big advantages of hardwood is that they can last for decades with proper maintenance.  Eventually, however, the floor might look dull, worn, or excessively scratched. Unless there's structural damage, it usually just takes a hardwood floor refinishing service to bring them back to their original luster.

You can get some idea of whether or not you need a refinishing by placing a drop of water on the wood floor.  If it sinks in very slowly, you might be able to wait a few months.  If it absorbs quickly call for service.

Gray boards mean hardwood floors need refinishing right away.  A board turns gray as a result of water damage.  As the water oxides the boards turn darker and darker, eventually become black spots.  Once those black spots occur, there's not much you can do but replace.

Traditional vs. dustless sanding

At Cherokee Floor Covering, we use either dustless or traditional sanding, whichever the customer prefers.

Dustless sanding doesn’t catch 100%, but it does get about 98-99%. A special container to catch the particles is attached to the sander.  It’s usually faster than the traditional method, where the room is completely emptied and everything, including light sockets, are thoroughly dusted.

For more information about hardwood refinishing or any of our other services or products, please feel free to come into the Cherokee Floor Covering showroom in Woodstock, GA.  We service Woodstock, Marietta, Canton, Acworth, and Kennesaw.  Ask about our free estimate.