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Do you need underlayment for hardwood flooring?

Underlayment can be the most crucial piece of your flooring experience, especially in specific circumstances. One of the questions homeowners often as us is whether an underlayment is needed for wood floors.

The answer depends on your specific circumstances, which our associates will discuss with you at length. In the meantime, take a look at these crucial facts about hardwood underlayments.

Hardwood flooring underlayments

There are few cases in which hardwood flooring can perform up to its proper standards without an underlayment. For instance, if you have a subfloor made of plywood, the plywood acts as a kind of underlayment and provides a surface that works well with these materials.

The function of underlayment in this flooring line includes moisture prevention, noise reduction, comfort, and stabilization for floating floors. It also helps smooth out uneven subfloor materials. However, complete repair of subflooring is suggested before proceeding.

You will find that underlayment does add a bit to your flooring budget, but it's an investment that will certainly pay off over time. You'll have the peace of might that the materials will perform much better with a quality underlayment in place.

Various materials can be used for underlayment, including cork, felt, and rubber, each with its own set of characteristics. Your specific flooring requirements for the rooms where these materials will be installed will play the most significant factor in your installation procedures.

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