Hardwood flooring from Cherokee Floor Covering in Woodstock, GA

Does the width of hardwood flooring matter?

Plank width is going to be one of your biggest decisions when you decide on hardwood flooring.

When wide, it ranges anywhere from five to 12 inches.  Alternatively, narrow ranges from two to four inches.

If you’re looking for hardwood flooring in Woodstock, GA, feel free to come into our showroom and explore and ask questions.  Meanwhile, we’ll explain about board width, and why you should care.

This decision, like so many, will be mainly a matter of personal preference. When exploring hardwood at Cherokee Floor Covering, we will guide you through all the options.

The wide plank

This one is classic, traditional, and many prefer this because the knots and raised grains can show through clearly. Gray and white-washed wood floors are popular. When wide planks are in a lighter color, it can give the room an open and airy feeling. It also means fewer seams.

Alternatively, however, if the room is already small, a wide plank can make it look even smaller. 

The Narrow Plank

This is a more contemporary look and it's better for small spaces. These floors tend to be a little more expensive and because there are so many planks, installation can take longer.

Construction is another, major decision

Solid wood shrinks and contracts to adjust to weather conditions. Wide or narrow, solid lumber planks must be acclimated before installation. That's a fairly simple process whereby the opened boxes stay in the room to be installed around three or four days before installation

Especially if you live in a hot, humid climate prone to storms, you might want to consider engineered wood. While solid is one slab throughout the thickness, engineered is layered.  There's a slice of solid genuine wood on top, and underneath is three or more layers of authentic timber combined with some resin.  The layers are placed in a crosswise position, giving it more stability.

It’s unaffected by humidity and doesn’t need acclimation. It also handles water a little better and, while it should not be submerged in puddles, it can be installed in some higher-than-normal moisture places.

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