Enjoy a beachy look with hardwood flooring

Enjoy a beachy look with hardwood flooring

Hardwood floors are known for adding a distinctive and elegant appearance to any space, large or small. Hardwood flooring works wonderfully with rustic, cabin, and contemporary décor, with extensive visual options.

If you're looking for a beachy look, wood floors are a perfect solution, especially in areas that fit the existing décor. Here are some facts to help you choose the ideal materials for every area where flooring is needed.

What is the beachy look?

A beachy look in wood flooring mimics hardwood that is sun-bleached and partially eroded by natural elements like wind and sand. Hardwood flooring in Woodstock offers a weathered look that specifically matches coastal décor elements and seaside ambiance.

Many homeowners favor neutral shades commonly found in nature to achieve this crucial visual scheme, including soft browns, blacks, and cloudy whites. Hardwood colors like beige, blonde, red, and white are all favorable for this look.

The best beachy hardwood flooring

Creating a driftwood look is one of the ways designers create a beachy look, opting for wide planks in white or red oak and using stain to recreate the desired. Hardwood flooring products will look as if they’ve been adrift on the ocean and lapped by waves, year after year.

Warmer visuals are easy to create, with UV coatings that offer a reddish or brown tone reminiscent of reed or rattan furniture. Gentle whitewashing can also provide a warm touch, especially in areas that lean toward the colors of a beautiful sunset beach.

Bring in modern elements

Choosing a beachy hardwood flooring look doesn't mean you'll be anchored to specific elements or certain options. Adding an elegant, modern appearance is easy when you choose long, narrow planks, especially in white.

Long hardwood planks offer the appearance of more space and create an open, sunny feel in every room. A careful, planning eye can work wonders, blending with large windows, lots of natural light, and colors that echo your preferences.

Choose the best flooring options today

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