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Extend the life of your hardwood floors with these 7 expert tips

Without a doubt, hardwood flooring will certainly add value to your home with a professional installation. But, while they’re fairly easy to clean, they do require regular attention to keep them in top shape. Whether you’re considering updating your space or need a complete renovation, now’s the perfect time to get to know these gorgeous floors and how to extend their life with the following 7 expert tips.

After installing hardwood floors…

1. Read the product label – Before using any product on your floors, read the label thoroughly to make sure it’s fine to use on your wood. A foolproof way to ensure no damage occurs is to speak to a hardwood flooring retailer professional about the species and finish you have in your home.

2. Add felt protectors – Protect your installation from scratches, dents, and damage by adding felt protectors to the legs of your furniture. Over time, the felt will wear down, so replace them as needed.

3. Consider getting rugs – Add a nice splash of color that also protects your wood floors with rugs. Not only will you be adding stylish decor to your room, but rugs also perform the much- appreciated role of floor protector.

4. Leave shoes at the door – Ask visitors to leave their shoes at the door to avoid bringing in dirt, grime, and tiny pebbles that can ruin your planks. Also, shoes with high heels can puncture wood, leaving it damaged. Offer slippers to your guests for a nice welcoming touch.


5. Dry first, wet second –
Memorize this motto and you’ll keep your planks in excellent shape for a great many years: dry first, wet second. This simply means you should use a dry microfiber mop to collect dust and dirt before moving onto using a wet mop to clean up the floors. 


6. Inspect the installation – If things are looking a tad discolored, then it may be time to prevent further damage to your wood by calling the experts for a fresh topcoat.

Throughout the year…

7. Offset the climate with a humidifier – Lastly, it’s essential to remember that your planks are a natural material, and as such, have natural reactions to the indoor climate. Therefore, you may see slight shrinkage and some gapping during drier months. Of course, if the wood doesn’t naturally return to its original position on its own when it’s not so dry, then contacting a hardwood flooring store for advice would be best. However, you can avoid excess gapping altogether by using a humidifier to offset the dryness indoors during warmer weather.

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