General Floor Covering FAQ

The flooring industry is a hugely specialized field with lots of room for misconceptions to peek through the cracks. Here at Cherokee Floor Covering, we field floor covering questions from customers in our carpet store every day, and we realized that there were a few questions that popped up more than others. 

So, we thought it would be nice to throw together this quick FAQ to answer three of the most common and persistent questions we get throughout the week.
How Do I Calculate the Amount of Luxury Vinyl Tile I Need?

A lot of people ask this question, because they'd like to know how much extra LVT they'll need to account for cutting waste. Luckily, calculating the amount of material required for the job is actually quite easy. 

All you need to do is multiply the length of the floor by the width, to determine your square footage. Next, most floor covering companies recommend that you add 5-10% to this number to account for the waste we mentioned earlier. If your room has a lot of angles and corners, you may want to increase this number.

Once you've found your square footage, all you have to do is determine how many square feet are covered by each box of tiles, and then divide your total square footage by that number. The result is the number of boxes you will need to purchase.

Do I Really Need to Acclimate My Wood Flooring?

The short answer is an emphatic "Yes"! Skipping the acclimation process is a recipe for absolute disaster, because your floors will begin to shift after installation, as they start to adjust to the humidity of their environment. Your hardwood flooring will undergo the acclimation process whether you like it or not, so it's better that it happen before you install!

Is Carpet Padding Really Worth It?

Your carpet padding plays a crucial role in the preservation of your carpet's longevity. It absorbs the shock of footfalls, and prevents the carpet from wearing out from rubbing against the subfloor. It also offers thermal and sonic insulation on top of added comfort. If you want your carpet to perform at its peak and last the full length of its service life, you'll definitely want to have the padding.

Do You Have Further Floor Covering Questions?

Obviously, these are only a small slice of the total questions a person could have about flooring. So, if you'd like to ask us questions in person, or you simply want to have a look around our showroom, we'd love to hear from you! 

Just call, email, or stop by our showroom in Woodstock, GA, and our friendly, knowledgeable staff will happily answer any questions that you might have, and show all of the incredible flooring materials and styles we have to offer. Stop in today and find out what Cherokee Floor Covering can do for you!