Get That Ultra-Modern, Minimalist Look on a Low Budget

If you think it's impossible to get that ultra-modern, minimalist look without having to dish out the big bucks, then you'll definitely need to read through this article! Thanks to our Cherokee Floor Covering showroom pros in Woodstock, GA, we've got the scoop on how to attain that flawless, wall-to-wall white appearance, typically associated with the minimalist look. Take a seat, you'll want to hear what we have to tell you!
When was the last time you walked into a carpet store and asked to view their waterproof, stainproof selections? If your answer is, "I didn't even know those options existed," you're not the only one to think so! Unfortunately, the vast majority of homeowners still believe that wall-to-wall doesn't work in households with kids or pets. As such, asking people to consider an all-white soft fiber floor covering sounds like an absolutely ridiculous option. Yet, when you take into account the fact that modern white carpeting is now available in waterproof, stainproof and easy-to-maintain selections, you may suddenly get the urge to run over to floor covering companies! No, this seemingly miraculous material isn't only affordable to royals. Instead, there are less expensive picks that would work great for budget renos.

White hardwood flooring covering is yet another viable choice for that ultra modern, sleek look that many people want to have these days. While darker wood colors are certainly still popular, they're not necessarily a material that easier to maintain. On the contrary, the lighter the color, usually, the better it is to hide scuffs, scratches, and minor damage. Sunlight on darker tones makes everything on the surface of the material stand out, but this doesn't happen with lighter shades like white. With so many different colors, species, varnish and finish selections, you'll have your hands full deciding which one suits your home best! Yes, there are several species of wood available at low-cost options, too! 

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)
LVT is relatively new on the market when compared to materials that have been around for much longer, like hardwood and carpeting. Because of this, many individuals are wary of it, mostly due to misinformation. However, if you walk into our showroom, we'll be more than happy to show you that not only is LVT just as stylish as the other options on our list, but it's also the most affordable pick. Ask to check out the white variations, so you can see the slight differences in tones. Eye-catching and cost-effective? Yes, that’s LVT!