wood flooring

Getting the most from your hardwood flooring is easy

There are so many ways your home can wear hardwood flooring, there’s almost no way to go wrong with the material. With tons of available species, stain colors, finish types and more, you can literally create a flooring that goes along with any decor or interior design. What’s more, this floor covering will serve you well for many years to come, averaging roughly 100 years with proper installation and care. But before you can make a truly informed decision about the material, you’ll want to know as much about it as possible.
For those who want the picture-perfect gloss finish that comes with some wood flooring, you should be ready to protect it with area rugs and runners. This finish is likely to show the most amount of scuffs and scratches in areas with higher than normal traffic. Of course, in areas where lower amounts of traffic are normal, you won’t have to take nearly as much care. Homes with more traffic can make use of finishes such as hand-scraped, distressed, vintage, or wire brushed, which all work in their own way to hide all the little signs of wear like scuffs and dings.
Busy homes should also make use of the hardest species for their Georgia hardwood flooring. Harder woods can automatically take more of a beating without showing a lot of signs. As the natural resource that they are, they can actually withstand a lot before it shows. On the other hand, softer species can be used in areas such as walk-in closets and pantries.
If you’re ready to consider hardwood flooring in your Georgia home, there are some important facts you should know. For instance, this material must always be acclimated to your specific environment. The amount of time it takes is depending on several factors including the actual amount of humidity on the day of installation. Your associates can help you determine the right acclimation period for the specific materials you choose. Wood flooring can never be installed below ground level either, so no basement installations are possible.
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