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Hardwood flooring 101

Sometimes it’s just necessary to get back to basics. We already know that wood flooring adds warmth and elegance to your home. We know it works in any decor, from traditional to contemporary, and even that rustic, organic look that’s so popular right now.

Sometimes it’s necessary to remind people, so….

Did you know?

●That it will last for decades, and sometimes even looks better as it ages? When it starts to look worn, or if you just want a color change, have the floors sanded and refinished.
●Hardwood adds a lot of value to your home, whether it’s in Georgia or elsewhere. Here's how it will happen: First, you'll recoup at least 70 percent to 90 percent of your cost. This will be seen in your property values; for instance, a home that was originally valued at $200,000 might become $216,000 after the flooring is installed.

Second, if you’re planning to sell, real estate sales associates tell us that buyers will often pay more for a home with hardwood.

Third, there's a visual appeal; this flooring just looks better so the home sells faster., We’re told floors are usually the first things prospective buyers look at.

Solid vs Engineered

Solid hardwood, gorgeous as it is, can be damaged by excess water and warp and cup. It also expands and contracts to adjust to the weather.

There's a second type, engineered hardwood that is taking over a large part of the wood flooring industry.

It’s fast becoming the preferred choice among consumers, especially those who want a little practicality mixed in with their aesthetic.

This product is layered. At the top is a slice of genuine wood with at least three layers of wood with some other materials. Each layer is positioned to cross, which is what makes it stable and better able to handle water and moisture. (Since solid is just one big piece, the fibers lie in one direction only, parallel.)

On top is a veneer that not only protects the installation but gives it that rich, glossy, elegant look that you often see in design pages.

The thicker is better. It not only affects durability, but also the number of times it can be refinished.

Please note that it’s still not entirely waterproof, so exercise some caution by wiping spills quickly and never submerging it.

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