Hardwood flooring and pets: Do they mix?

Hardwood flooring and pets: Do they mix?

Are you considering installing hardwood flooring? If so, you might also wonder if they can stand up to your dog or cat.

The answer is a definite yes! However, there's no reason to deprive yourself of long-lasting natural beauty if you take some simple precautions.

Everyday routines to keep your wood floors in top shape

  1. Dry your pet off if it's raining. Excess water can damage solid wood floors, so towel him off well.
  2. Wipe paws, getting between the toes. This removes mud and salt in the unlikely event it snows.
  3. Place mats at entrances and heavily trafficked areas with hardwood floors.
  4. Think about toppled water dishes; cats, especially, are fascinated by liquid.
Some great solutions: Use one of those pet drinking fountains, put mats under bowls–and wipe spills immediately.

Consider an extra-hard species

Tell the hardwood flooring professionals if you have a pet and ask about extra durability. Some hard species are oak, hickory, or maple.

Consider engineered wood flooring

You'll still have beautiful oak–or whatever your species of choice is–flooring—the difference in the construction underneath.

Engineered wood floors are more stable and better able to handle water. They also come with an ultra-tough finish.

Feel free to come into our hardwood flooring showroom. You'll see engineered wood floors like Classic Natural Red Oak by Somerset.

Benefits of hardwood flooring

  1. Style. These floors have an allure that can never be doubted.
  2. Versatility. They work with any decor. If you need a change, just sand and re-stain them.
  3. Real estate value-adding. Wood floors have the highest ROI of any flooring.
  4. Easy Care: Dust mop every day and vacuum once a week. Clean/polish a few times a year.

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