Hardwood flooring in Woodstock, GA from Cherokee Floor Covering

Hardwood flooring trends

Right now, reclaimed hardwood is one of the hottest trends. It’s wood flooring that's pulled up from vacant offices, farms, barns or factories, etc. Reclaimed wood has character, history, and an aged antique look that fits today's rustic style. When you come into our hardwood flooring showroom, you’ll see that people often select reclaimed wood with species like oak, heart pine, maple, American elm, chestnut, and walnut for their wood floors when renovating an older home.

Light woods can change the face of interior design

Color is huge this year, and more and more, the lighter shades are making a big comeback with floors like blond, honey, and whitewashed. They give a room a light, airy feeling, and designers particularly like them because it's easy to coordinate around a light floor. That’s not to say dark floors are no longer popular; they'll always be a significant choice and work beautifully for traditional-style homes. The difference this year is that dark floors are incredibly dark, such as blackest black, ebony, and walnut.

Do keep balance in mind, however. If you choose a light wood floor and keep all the other colors in the room light, you may end up with a more casual, cottage-like feeling than you want. Alternatively, if your walls and upholstery are paired with a dark floor, the room will seem a little too dark and cave-like. Keep in mind that contrasts, such as light and dark woods, add visual interest and drama and make a stunning design statement.

Wide planks, mixed-width

Wide planks are more traditional and can show off the knots and grains better because of the size. They are great for large rooms but may make a smaller space feel cramped. In that case, you may prefer something narrower, but another trend, the mixed width, or an alternative. Planks come in different sizes, and mixing them up may visually increase the room.

The Cherokee Floor Covering design experts can help you sort it all out, but remember, hardwood flooring is classic and never goes out of style. Colors change, so if you change your mind, call our refinishing experts for sanding and restaining. To learn more and get a free wood flooring quote, visit our showroom in Woodstock, GA, convenient to Marietta, Canton, Acworth, and Kennesaw.