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Here’s how to avoid moisture damage in hardwood flooring

Water is “Public Enemy #1” of solid wood floors. It’s easy enough to mitigate, though.

Read on to find out how to avoid moisture damage on your hardwood flooring.

Remember, it all begins with the subfloor

Any subfloor damage can easily travel up to the surface. That means they should be monitored; if it's a new installation, ensure the professionals take moisture readings throughout.

If the floors experience a big flood or leak, don’t just wipe the surface floor and think you're done. You'll also need to check the subfloor!

Use some everyday precautions

People and pets can drag mud and moisture into the house. Put mats strategically at entrances and wipe water immediately if it occurs on the hardwood.

Hardwood flooring isn't recommended for wet areas, but with open layouts, splashes could easily reach the wood. If that's the case in your home, place rugs or mats in front of sinks.

Do your floors open to your backyard where there might be a pool? If so, keep an eye out for wet towels, bathing suits, or damp clothes, especially if you have kids.

If the floors get wet

Don’t panic, but do act immediately. First, remove all wet objects, such as rugs, towels, etc. Then, use a Wet Vac (you can get them in hardware stores) to soak up excess water.

Contact our hardwood flooring showroom if you have even the remotest suspicion that there may be more water. It can hide in pockets under the planks.

To continue, clean with warm water and a non-sudsing antibacterial cleaner; dirt and grime tend to hold on to moisture. Then, use the Wet Vac again and wipe dry.

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