Here’s what you should know about hardwood flooring in the winter

Here’s what you should know about hardwood flooring in the winter

Weather provides a unique set of challenges to hardwood. Georgia winters are no exception to this rule. The season might be mild, but the temperature can dip into the 30s. 

Georgia gets a lot of rain. Sometimes, though, there's also a little snow and ice. 

The biggest thing to remember is that solid wood and water don't play well together. Wood can warp, cup and crown when exposed to excessive liquid. So here's how to beat winter's moisture–and during any season.

As they say, prevention is better than cure

Always acclimate before installation. Leave open boxes, or lie the planks on the floor in the room where the wood floors are to be installed for three or more days.

Keep the room climate controlled with no excessive heat or air conditioning. Set the humidity between 35-55%. 

The reason for acclimation is that the trees may grow in another climate. This gives them a chance to adjust to their new surroundings. 

Wood’s Public Enemy #1

Always wipe spills immediately. Mops should be damp, not wet, and any excess polish should be wiped down. 

 Don't let any liquid, such as polish, seep into seams and onto the subfloor. That creates a unique set of problems, as you'll learn in our hardwood flooring showroom. Damage can easily travel from the sub to the surface floor and wreak havoc.

Keep mats by entrances. Shoes mustn't drag in snow, ice, mud, or dirty leaves.

If it's not too awkward, ask them to remove their shoes before walking on the surface.

Consider engineered wood

This is genuine wood, so you’ll still get undertones, grains, and knots. However, the construction is different, allowing the wood to handle water better. It's also more stable.

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Cherokee Floor Covering will help you deal with wood floors in winter–or any time of the year. We know how solid hardwood flooring can be affected by water, so we’ll give you some tips on handling it.

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