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How is hardness measured in hardwood?

When it comes to hardwood flooring, the hardness of your chosen species can mean a great deal to the overall lifespan of your materials. If you have an active and busy lifestyle, you'll need one of the harder options to enjoy the full extent of these woods.

But how is the hardness measured in hardwood? The quick answer is that the measurements come from the Janka hardness scale, which we will explain further as you read along with us.

Rating hardwood for reliable hardness

The industry-wide standard for measuring hardness in wood flooring is known as the Janka Scale. The test measures a wood species' ability to withstand the embedding of a .444-inch ball, made of steel, into the wood.

One of the hardest woods available is Brazilian Cherry, with a Janka rating of 2350, while Douglas Fir weighs in at a 660 Janka rating, making it one of the softest woods. The industry standard median, however, is Red Oak, at a 1290 Janka.

Other factors to consider in choosing a great wood floor include its natural color, grain pattern, and stability. Stability speaks to the movement of the wood when affected by a variety of humidity levels.

Stability can be altered by mill drying and acclimation, with acclimation periods varying based on your home's humidity level and the weather at the time of installation. To find out even more about these topics, be sure to speak with an experienced associate when you visit our showroom.

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