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How long will hardwood flooring last?

Solid hardwood will last for decades; in fact, we've heard of some lasting for 100 years, and engineered hardwood floors usually last up to 40 years; some manufactures, however, warranty it for much longer. Refinishing will bring them back to their original luster unless there's structural damage such as warping or termites.

How to take care of your wood floors

1. Wipe spills right away with a dry cloth. Avoid wet mops or steam cleaners as water can seep, and we all know when there's excess moisture, cupping, crowning or warping are soon to follow. Also, when you polish, make sure it's thoroughly dry, so nothing seeps between the boards.

2. Use protective furniture pads, especially when moving items, to prevent scratches.

3. Dust daily and vacuum regularly. No matter how well you think you keep it away, dust will form and then settle into the floor's grain, and it can act like tiny razor blades and scratch the floors.

4. Strategically put mats at entrances and in front of sinks.

5. Keep in mind that each season brings new challenges that need to be treated accordingly. Of course, we mostly have to think about tornadoes and tropical storms, but here are some seasonal specifics: Summer has chlorine, especially if you have a pool. Fall and spring bring muddy leaves and, although we don't need to worry about winter in Georgia, it will snow once in a while; if it does, don't let melted snow and ice be tracked in on shoes. If you have questions, seek the advice of our flooring experts.

6. Refinish every five to six years.

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We stay with you every step of the way during the process, as well as after. We want to help you keep your hardwood flooring looking its best! If you live in Woodstock, Marietta, Canton, Acworth, or Kennesaw, visit the Cherokee Floor Covering showroom in Woodstock for information and a free quote.