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How to know if engineered hardwood flooring is for you

As if shopping for flooring wasn't overwhelming enough, there's so much from which to choose.
Now we'll add one more! But, first, you'll need to decide which hardwood flooring version you want.

Solid and engineered wood floors

Solid hardwood flooring is one thickness throughout. It's visually appealing, versatile enough to work with any decor, and adds value to a property.

Engineered wood flooring does all that and more. It appeals to those who want both beauty and practicality.

You'll still have oak, walnut (or whatever your species of choice is) floors with knots and grains underneath layers placed in a crosswise position. The result is a stable floor and a better ability to handle water.

For someone like me who lives on the water, engineered wood floors are the only choice for my living room. I'm constantly dealing with my home's water, moisture, and humidity.

Like solid wood, these floors can be refinished and add value to a property. They also come in wood patterns, various plank widths, and strips.

Do you have an installation preference?

Solid wood is installed with the traditional tongue and groove/nail down. In addition, engineered offers a variety of techniques.

It can be glued, nailed, and installed as a fast, easy floating floor. All of this makes it less expensive to install.

At our hardwood flooring showroom, we'll help you decide which version is for you. With either, you'll be thrilled with your new floors.

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