hardwood flooring georgia

Is hardwood flooring a good choice for my Georgia home office?

It wasn’t that long ago when the words “home office” would conjure up the image of a space within a room designated as the area to pay bills, do homework, or write to-do lists. Now, according to Forbes, at least 50% of the population could soon be a freelance economy.

That means more and more are creating hardworking offices in their homes, complete with bookcases, rolling chairs, file cabinets and more, and interior design is as much an issue as a function.

is considered one of the best types of flooring for this room. First, it’s stylish. Wood floors add warmth and elegance to any area, and make no mistake: When you work at home, you’ll often put in more hours than you would in a 9 to 5 outside the home space, so you’ll be spending a lot of time there.

It also makes a great place for clients to visit! The natural grains, quirky knots and patterns, and large assortment of species and colors, coordinate well with other furnishings.

Easy mobility is a big priority in any office. After all, you’ll be rolling around on chairs with wheels. Hardwood will make your life a lot easier. (NOTE: You may want to use some mats or pads, so you don’t scratch the flooring when you move yourself or the furniture.)

Other reasons why hardwood is a good flooring type for the home office

●It’s naturally healthier: If you are prone to allergies, the pollen counts can make you constantly sneeze, have watery eyes and itch like crazy. Pet dander and dust mites will only make it worse. Vacuuming can only get rid of so much, but when the flooring is hardwood, everything will be right on the surface, so you can sweep or vacuum dirt and particles away.
●It’s durable. Taken care of properly, hardwood will last for decades, and when they do start to look worn, you’ll most likely only need a refinishing to bring the floors up to original beauty.
●Easy to maintain. Sweep or damp mop. For more thorough cleaning, use a manufacturer-approved soap (and avoid excess water.)

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