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Is it Hard to Take Care of Hardwood Flooring?

When it comes to hardwood flooring in Georgia, many folks have a lot of questions concerning cleaning and maintenance. At our Cherokee Floor Covering showroom in Woodstock, GA, we regularly set to rest concerns people have about its high degree of requirements, or rather, the notion homeowners have that this surfacing is difficult to upkeep. The truth is, this is a common misconception, and one that we aim to clarify once and for all in this quick, simple guide to hardwood flooring in Georgia.
Misconception #1 – High Maintenance
Once of the main notions people are under the impression of, is that this surfacing option is very difficult to maintain. In fact, this notion is incorrect, as solid planks are simple and quick to clean, and don’t really require any special treatment overall. Actually, there’s no reason to believe this surfacing is harder to maintain, compared to other plank options. In general, you simply need to sweep a few times a week, depending upon the amount of foot traffic it sees. Mopping, as well, is minimal, and you typically only need to mop the planks about once a week. That’s it!
Misconception #2 – Too Expensive
Of course, if you choose a wood species that’s rare, you’ll be paying top dollar! But really, why would you, when there are so many other fantastic alternatives for hardwood flooring in Georgia. Price-wise, you’ll need to come into our Woodstock, GA showroom, to get a clear idea of the cost, but there are some gorgeous selections you can have for your home that won’t break the bank. Additionally, you can keep costs even lower by opting for reclaimed planks, a funky, modern look that’s eco-friendly, or simply refinish the planks you have in your home right now with a different varnish color.
Misconception #3 – Too Easy to Damage
No doubt, if you were to allow a team of horses to prance about in your living room, all over your wood planks, your slats would certainly become damaged. But don’t forget, we use this material everyday to build sturdy houses, not to mention a wide assortment of other structures. Planks are not delicate by any means, but if you do drop heavy items, or walk around in stiletto heels, marks can be left behind. If you don’t drop workout weights or wear slippers instead of heels, you’ll certainly be fine!