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Patterned hardwood flooring is back in a big way

Unusual hardwood layouts are now trending. Of course, everyone knows the square-block parquet patterns of the 1960s and 70s. Still, this time you'll see everything from herringbone and chevron designs to basketweaves, random widths, diagonals, and horizontal patterns.

Whether solid or engineered, hardwood flooring is exquisite. These floors will instantly uplevel a room and add value to a property. 

However, it's also a significant investment, and the last thing you'll want is loose, vague, and indistinct cuts. Therefore, always hire a professional installer to create these looks.

Herringbone: first used for wood floors in the 1600s

Herringbone is a geometric pattern where planks are placed at 90-degree angles to resemble the bone structure of the herring. One of the original parquet patterns is inspired by ancient brickwork and jewelry but didn't get to the floor until centuries later. A herringbone wood floor adds visual interest and draws the eye to the floor.

Some of the most common woods used in this design are walnut, hickory (sometimes referred to as pecan), maple, and red/ white oak, all of which you can find in our inventory. You can also get this look with wood-look planks.

Herringbone and chevron - are they the same? 

These can be easy to confuse, but while the herringbone is angled at 90 degrees, the chevron is at a 45-degree position. This gives it a look of an inverted V. Some hardwood looks come already with a chevron design, so be sure to talk to one of our experts.

Random width wood layouts are trending hot

Random width (sometimes just called "mixed-width") designs give the ultimate visual interest and even make a small, narrow room look larger. A typical measurement is a group of plank widths of three, five, and seven inches; three, four, and six inches; or four, six, and eight inches. Wood floors are versatile enough to work well in traditional or contemporary atmospheres, especially rustic design.  

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