Hardwood from Cherokee Floor covering in Woodstock, GA

Reasons why hardwood flooring is an investment, not a purchase

You will never go wrong with hardwood flooring. It adds a rich, warm elegance to your home. While there is a little sticker shock, in the beginning, you will save money in the long-term.

It increases your property values

You’ll recoup 70 to 80% of the initial cost, as reflected in your home’s value. Theoretically, a $200K home could become a $216K one. If you’re planning to sell, not only do homes with wood flooring attract buyers much faster and easier, but many of those buyers will pay 2.5% more. Finally, there’s the visual appeal, so these homes will just sell faster and easier.

Little or no replacement costs

Hardwood is classic and never goes out of style. They work with any decor, from the most traditional to modern, loft-like spaces. The flooring will last for decades, even sometimes up to 100 years. Often, the floors look better with age, but if they do start to look worn and scratched, usually all it takes is a refinishing, not a replacement, to bring them back to luster.

Keep in mind that not every refinishing is about repair, so if you change styles, or just want a different color, have them sanded and stained.

What about water damage?

Solid wood can be damaged by excess water, but it can be handled with routine, everyday care such as wiping spills immediately. Even when you polish, wipe to be sure it's dry so no liquid gets between the boards.

If you do experience a flood, don't panic, but know that time is of the essence; remove wet items, such as rugs, immediately. If weather permits, open windows, turn on air conditioners and fans. Disinfect the wood, because floodwater is often contaminated. Call to have an expert look at it, since water can be hiding underneath boards.

Also know that there’s another type of hardwood that does handle water a little better: engineered hardwood. Both give the same value to your property and both can be refinished. While it still should not be submerged in water, it can be placed in some higher-than-normal moisture rooms where solid cannot. Ask your hardwood retailer about this.

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