Soundproofing Tips for Quieter Newborn Naps and Nights

​Will you be welcoming a newborn home soon? Are you scrambling to fix every squeaky plank and leaky drip-dripping faucet? At Cherokee Floor Covering, we've helped hundreds of soon-to-be parents to redo their nursery and children's bedrooms, and we're equipped with decades of knowledge to help get the job done. Read through our soundproofing tips to ensure your precious newborn gets peaceful naps and restful nights, with minimal sound disturbances like squeaks and drips. For more helpful floor covering advice, feel free to stop by our Woodstock, GA showroom! 
Soundproof by Softening Hard Surfaces
Many floor covering companies know a lot about various surfacing materials, like luxury vinyl tile and carpeting, but how much do they really know about noise reduction? Luckily, Cherokee Floor Covering has a lot of experience with reducing noise, and we know that it all begins with sound waves bouncing off hard objects. These objects include floor covering as well, such as hardwood and tile. If possible, store smaller room decorations and add softer, sound-absorbing materials, instead. Visit our carpet store section for carpeting ideas, or add plush furnishings, such as throw pillows, rugs, and window curtains, to minimize sound transference. 

Soundproof by Sealing Gaps and Vents
Often, parents don't realize how noisy their home is, that is, until the day they bring home junior. Suddenly, even your own breathing sounds too loud! Keep in mind that gaps of any size provide an open space for sound to travel through. That means areas under doors, air vents, and even electrical outlets can become real nuisances. Though you may not be able to seal all gaps and vents, sealing off all non-necessary spacing is a good way to minimize sound and keep a nursery quiet. 

Soundproof with a White Noise Machine
Sometimes, you'll need to fight unwanted noise with more noise. We're referring to white noise, to be precise. Nowadays, you can purchase sleep machines pretty much anywhere and even online, which provide you with a wide assortment of soothing sounds, like ocean waves and rain storms, as well as white noise, to counteract annoying background sounds.